Letter from Future

Sowndarya Chelladurai
3 min readNov 7, 2020


Today was a definitely a miraculous day for me,wanna know why?Well,I got rejected from a job interview. Now you may wonder why is this crazy girl happy? Let me tell you my story!

It was 4pm and I was tired and worried ,lots was going on inside my mind. I was standing in my balcony and suddenly a bright light twirling magically appeared near my house. From the light came a guy and he started to look everywhere in a hurry. I found out that he is a time traveler who has traveled back in time from 2090 to November 2020 in search of a treasure.He kept his time machine aside and was busy searching for the treasure cause he has little time left to search and go back else he will be stuck in 2020.I was amazed and so confused at the same time.I realized that I now have 2 options one is to get admired and stare at what he is doing or do something with the time machine, cause that is hard to come by right? So I plotted a plan, to steal (or borrow in other words) the time machine and just get a peek of my future,so that I could plan accordingly.


Now when the time traveler was so busy with his time I got my hands on the time machine and turned the knob to 2025. Now why 2025 you may ask, well the question “Where do you see yourself in 5 years” has been killing me and I really wanted to know about it. Now as I turned the knob a spark of bright blue light came from nowhere and in a blink it stopped. The surrounding was similar to 2020 but I could notice some difference. I went inside my house and started to look around,after sometime I found out an article with my name on it.

I was amazed and scared at the same time. I started reading the article.It was an interview about me.

In this Digital era here comes yet another successful young Digital Marketer. Muthu Sowndarya is the founder of DigiMarkNow ,one of the leading Digital Marketing firm that all top companies look up to.Her interest to Digital Marketing started in 2020 as a way for her to escape reality and explore new things.That is when she started to notice the influence of Digital Marketing in everyday routine. She wanted to know about it and hence took an internship program to learn more about it.

She knew that Digital Marketing is going to be the game changer in her life and in 2023 after much struggle, hard work and patience came the birth of DigiMarkNow.This year 2025 she has been listed in Forbes to be the Digital Marketing Mentor who has created opportunity and knowledge to the young uprising dreamers by creating a team of experts in various zones. Through that system she has created job opportunity to many youngsters.


As she gave us a small insight about her upcoming event in Bangalore(2026) we are sure that its going to bring tremendous changes to this Digital Era. We just have to wait to see the surprise. ”

I was stunned and was flying after reading this article,it sure made my day. After a minute i came to realize that the clock was ticking and i was scared that i may get lost in 2025,so i grabbed the time machine and went back to 2020. The time traveler could not find the treasure so he went back to where he came from and I am glad that i found my treasure that is waiting for me. I just have to open my treasure of patience and hard work for it.

-This article is for my assignment in my Digital Deepak Internship Program.



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