Talk with Ms.Suganya — Mental Health Counselor

Sowndarya Chelladurai
3 min readJul 13, 2021

Hi Guys,

First of all I would like to thank Ms. Suganya for giving me an oppurtunity to expand my views and knowledge on the need for Mental Health Awareness. We met in a Cafe for a short interview and this really gave me a new direction in looking into the importance of Mental Health. Let me plot down the interview for you guys!

Me: What is the reason for entering into a career as a Mental Health Counselor?

Ms. Suganya : As a Mental Health Counselor there are many different motivations for entering the field of Mental Health but most reason stem from the common ground of a desire to help people. Its important to me that I work to make a positive change in society , and i believe it begins with a persons mindset. I think if a person has the right mental tools, they will be more resilient in life. I am happy that i chose this career and look forward to help more people.

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Me: Mental Health Counselors require a high degree of fortitude and patience. How have you developed these qualities?

Ms. Suganya : I was trained early on in my education how to exercise patience in a way that would ensure a professional delivery at all times. When studying to be a Mental Health Counselor, some of the classes and exercise I completed had to do with helping me obtain good emotional balance during counseling sessions. In class we often discussed and worked through area where we may struggle as counselors . As a Mental Health Counselor empathy is an asset, but its very different fro sympathy. Empathy is what drives y high level of patience, and it means that I can understand how my clients view their world without immersing myself emotionally. I am very good at seeing how a hurting client views the world. From there, I can help them to build a healthy habit around this information while also being patient with any setbacks they may experience.

Me: What methods do you use to help your clients speak up about their issue and needs?

Ms. Suganya: I use positive Self- regard technique. I create a non judgmental environment and i use open communication to foster a place of trust. These methods help my clients express themselves as i show empathy and give encouraging statements. I also ask non threatening, open-minded questions that allow them room to talk. I affirm how my client is feeling , and i walk alongside y clients by supporting them and accepting them for who they are . I encourage my clients to explore their past, and i listen to them as they expose their concern for future.

Me: What is your biggest weakness as it relates to this Mental Health Counselor role , and what are you doing to improve?

Ms. Suganya : At times I struggle to leave my emotions at door after a challenging day at work. I do not get emotionally involved with my clients and their stories, but some days are more emotionally drained than others. When I get home I want my family to get the best of me, so i have started to put better practices in place of compartmentalize my work and home life. On my drive home I stop and take a 30 mins stroll on the walking path near my house. I turn my mind off and focus on the sight and sounds of nature. This has really helped me a lot.

Ms. Suganya who has a good experience in this field has helped many of her clients to make them understand that Mental Health is as important as Physical health and its a need that people realize it sooner to take care of themselves.



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